Dark field diagnostics and milieu therapy

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Naturopathy: Dark Field Diagnostics & Milieuthera

Dark field diagnostics is an alternative method with which a drop of vital, i.e. living blood is examined under a special microscope and thus makes “slagging” and “acidification” visible in the environment. Doctors speak of the "state of the general metabolic state". The subsequent therapy can be used very individually and in a targeted manner to restore (again) the ability to self-regulate and thus support self-healing and remain healthy in the long term.

A drop of blood as a “window” to metabolism In dark field diagnostics, the naturopath only takes a drop of blood from her patient's fingertip to examine it directly with her microscope. This is equipped with a so-called dark field condenser and thus gives a clear view of phenomena in the blood that would not be visible in bright field microscopy. The metaphor of the sky during the day or at night is often used to describe the difference between the two methods: If we see the clear sky in the dark of the night littered with shining stars, the same celestial bodies are usually hidden from us when it is bright. Nevertheless, they continue to exist beyond any doubt during the day.

The fact that the examined drop of blood can be freshly removed from the body and viewed unchanged (e.g. uncolored) opens up an unadulterated view of the current situation. Among other things, become visible red and white blood cells, blood proteins, some coagulants and microorganisms. Oxygen supply, blood flow, fat metabolism, immune system activity and the degree of contamination with microorganisms or heavy metals can be assessed. There are also indications of the quality of the activities of central metabolic organs, in particular of the intestine, kidneys, liver, pancreas and thyroid. A single look into the blood, on the other hand, does not allow a diagnosis of certain diseases, such as Breast cancer, dust allergies or cirrhosis of the liver. Indications of chronic processes, inflammation, autoimmune reactions, blood formation disorders or similar However, malfunctions can be reported at an early stage or a suspicion can be confirmed, which can then be confirmed by asking questions and using further diagnostic procedures. Psychological stress also influences the blood count and is taken into account.

Basic assumptions of dark field diagnostics & Enderlein proceduresD
he microbe is nothing - the milieu is everything!
(Antoine Béchamp, 1816-1908, chemist, biologist, professor of pharmacy)
Every living being is dependent on an external environment to which its bodily functions are optimally adapted. An aquarist must therefore ensure that the pH value, O2 supply and nutrient content in the water always remain in a natural balance, otherwise, e.g. a fish will not survive long. Derailing one or more of these factors can lead to disease and animal death.

The large number of microorganisms that live in a peaceful symbiosis in and with our body also require a certain milieu so that they do not perish, multiply without target or even develop into parasitic pathogens. These can cause processes that cause illness in our organism. In any case, the latter is the basic thesis of microbiologist Professor Dr. Günther Enderlein (1872-1968), who in the dark field observed the further development of harmless primordial germs (endobionts) into harmful growth forms that - depending on the prevailing conditions in the surrounding environment (blood and cell tissue fluid) - reached certain stages of development (pleomorphism).
Enderlein developed medical preparations for therapy, which in turn were made from microorganisms and are intended to return pathogens to their useful original form (isopathic agents). In addition, the internal conditions should be balanced and kept stable with minerals and a low-protein, base-rich diet. In addition to this procedure, known as the Enderlein procedure, other naturopathic procedures are also used today, the effectiveness of which can be regularly checked by the therapist in the dark.

Many darkfield users also use the option of simultaneously displaying the image on the screen using a camera. This has the advantage that the patient is very motivated to cooperate (e.g. taking medication regularly, changing lifestyle), since he sees both the initial situation and the changes in later examinations that could arise under his direct influence (Dipl.Päd. Jeanette Viñals Stein, naturopath, Jan 25, 2010)

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