Avoiding carbohydrates lowers blood pressure

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Scientists at Duke University: If you eat little carbohydrates, you can reduce high blood pressure

Researchers at US Duke University found in a study that a diet low in carbohydrates can lower blood pressure. In addition, the weight of the test subjects was reduced accordingly. Obese patients often suffer from high blood pressure.

146 very overweight patients took part in the study. Half of the study participants largely avoided carbohydrate-rich foods. The other half of the participants largely avoided fatty foods and were also given the over-the-counter fat blockers "Orlistat". Both groups of patients successfully lost weight. The blood lipid levels could be reduced to a good extent. The subjects lost an average of about 10 percent of their weight. However, blood pressure also dropped among the participants who did not eat carbohydrates, which came as a surprise to the scientists.

In the medical journal "Archives of Internal Medicine", the scientists reported that the systolic upper value could be reduced by six points. The diastolic lower value could be reduced by almost five points. Almost every participant who consumed little carbohydrates could either stop taking their blood pressure medication completely or reduce the dose of the medication. The scientists have not yet been able to say why. It will continue to be researched. (sb, January 30, 2010)

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