Health insurance companies want more additional contributions

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More and more health insurances want to demand additional contributions from the insured
Some statutory health insurance companies require a maximum additional contribution of 12 euros

There seems to be no stopping the statutory health insurance companies. As feared, more and more health insurance companies are now demanding additional contributions from those with compulsory insurance. Some health insurances not only want to charge 8 euros more per month, but now even 12 euros per month. The health insurance companies complain about empty funds and now the insured have to bleed for it. Meanwhile, the health insurances rejected allegations of "rip-off" and gave the politicians the responsibility for collecting the additional contributions.

Even an additional fee of 12 euros per month
Apparently there is no stopping it, more and more health insurance companies are charging additional contributions. The DAK, KKH-Allianz and other health insurances demand additional contributions from the insured on February 1st, 2010. The BKK Westfalen-Lippe is now even demanding an additional lump sum of 12 euros per month from its policyholders. The BKK Heilberufe and the GBK Cologne even want to demand an additional contribution of 1 percent of the gross salary from their insured persons with retroactive effect from January 1st 2010. The amount can be raised up to the assessment ceiling and will therefore be a maximum of EUR 37.50. The BKK Heilberufe wants to collect the increased additional contribution for the first quarter in April 2010, after which the money will be collected monthly from the insured.

Make use of the special right of termination
However, insured persons do not have to stand idly by the goings-on in health insurance. You can defend yourself by making use of your special right of termination due to the additional contributions. But it can be assumed that almost all statutory health insurance companies will levy additional contributions. The BKK Heilberufe assured that they wanted to draw the insured's attention to the additional contributions in a circular in good time. Insured persons would then still have enough time to exercise their special termination right. The internet portal “” reported that there were “more than 50 health insurers” that did not want to collect a contribution in 2010. This would include many company and several local health insurance funds. However, there are no really reliable findings about this.

Health insurance companies reject criticism that it is a rip-off
Meanwhile, the health insurance companies are blaming politicians for the additional contribution. According to the "Barmer GEK" boss, Birgit Fischer, the additional contributions are politically wanted. The additional contributions are intended and promoted by politics. In relation to the "New Germany", Fischer said: "Currently the impression is created as if this was a decision by the health insurance companies - that's not it" and "You let the insured run into the situation, keep the health insurance companies under pressure and at the same time force a new financing system as a solution, the head allowance. " This would generate a mood that would be detrimental to the insured. (sb, 02/03/2010)

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