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People suffering from depression eat more chocolate.

(2010-04-28) According to a study by the "University of California", depressed people eat more chocolate than comparatively healthy people. This applies equally to men and women. The researchers also report that as the severity of depression increases, so does the consumption of chocolate. In the course of the study, the scientists examined the consumption of chocolate and the mood of the test subjects. A total of 1,000 people took part in the scientific investigation. The subjects did not take any antidepressant medication and had no cardiovascular or diabetes disorders during the study.

The severity of the depressive disorder was measured during the course of the study. The participants were then asked about the average consumption of chocolate. Participants suffering from a very pronounced depression consumed up to twelve bars of chocolate a month. Subjects who did not have a classified depression ate an average of five bars of chocolate, and people with a moderate depressive illness consumed an average of eight bars.

The evaluation of the study confirmed the assumption that depressed people often eat chocolate as a coping strategy to lighten their mood. However, it has not been proven whether chocolate exacerbates or alleviates depressive disorders. Further scientific studies are to follow here to derive a possible connection. However, it has been proven that chocolate favors the production of the "happiness hormone" serotonin due to its high sugar content.

Patients suffering from depression have the following symptoms: Patients feel permanently depressed and joyless. In addition, there is a significant loss of drive. In very severe depression, there is a high affinity for suicidality. Depression can be caused by organic but psychologically related traumatic experiences. (sm)

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