Avoid stress for healthy sleep

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If you want to sleep well at night, you should avoid too much stress during the day.

(14.05.2010) In order to be able to fall asleep well and wake up refreshed, one should reduce and counter stress and psychological stress during the day. The human organism is not able to switch from stress to relaxation "at the push of a button". This was explained by Prof. Thomas Pollmächer from Berlin from the German Society for Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Neurology.

Everyone who is fully occupied at work knows stress at work. That is why it is all the more important to take enough breaks at work to reduce the stress. Working people should pause more often during the day and alert the employer or supervisor if the workload is too high. If not enough breaks are taken and the high workload remains, there is a risk that working people will take the stress home with them. The result: Many people then ponder about work for hours and are unable to fall asleep. This in turn affects the next working day, the stress level rises because those affected have not slept well.

Perform mental "scene change".
Prof. Pollmächer gives a few more tips: For example, if you change clothes at home and put on casual clothes, it is also easier to "change the scene". One could also finish the job by imagining closing the file folder or lowering the roller shutter. Basically, people who are physically active can fall asleep better. However, active sport should be moved in the afternoon and not in the late evening hours, otherwise the circulation will be stimulated again.

Possibilities of naturopathy for falling asleep.
Naturopathy also knows a few ways to reduce stress. There are a number of relaxation exercises or manual therapies, such as craniosacral therapy, which enable you to fall asleep better. In craniosacral therapy, hand movements are mainly carried out by an osteopath in the area of ​​the skull and sacrum. Valerian (Valeriana officinalis) drops can also be recommended without further ado. (sb)

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