Too much weight increases blood pressure

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Obesity favors high blood pressure.

(05/17/2010) Today is the world hypertension day. For this reason, numerous preventive blood pressure prevention events take place. The overweight of many people in the western world is in the foreground. Because being overweight increases the risk of hypertension (high blood pressure). The motto of World Hypertension Day is therefore: "Too much weight increases blood pressure!" The main focus of the series of events is on the relationship between high blood pressure and obesity.

Hypertension should not be taken lightly. Because the consequences of high blood pressure are often very serious. Hypertension patients have a very high risk of developing a stroke, heart attack, kidney failure or vascular damage. For this reason, prompt treatment for high blood pressure is very important. According to an international IASO survey, the problem is primarily in the western wealthy countries. Because overeating and thus obesity, less physical activity and unhealthy nutrition lead to a significant risk of hypertension. In Germany alone, around 75 percent of men and 59 percent of women are overweight according to IASO studies.

The series of events primarily deals with the question of how to get the problem of overweight under control. The focus is on prevention and education. Prevention and treatment of high blood pressure disorders could actually be quite simple. This includes reducing obesity to normal weight, a healthy diet and sufficient physical activity. Research has shown that hypertension can be managed if patients significantly reduce their weight.

Naturopathy also knows various measures to reduce weight sustainably. Fletching, for example, offers one possibility. With this method, one chews the food for a very long time to facilitate the digestive process. Eating slowly and chewing long makes you feel full more quickly and you actually eat less as a result. (sb)

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