Private health insurance premium increases

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Contributions from private health insurance companies increased excessively in 2010.

(2010-05-23) While additional contributions and possible increases in contributions make insured persons legally insured, private insured persons can now also expect massive increases in contributions. Last year there were reports from consumer advocates that private health insurance (PKV) premiums would increase by almost 25 percent in 2010. According to studies by the analysis company Morgen & Morgen, people with private health insurance have to expect premium increases of over 6 percent this year. Over the past 10 years, tariffs have been raised by over 3,500 euros.

This time, the association of private health insurance did not want to comment on the test results from "Morgen & Morgen". It would be too difficult to methodically check how high the average PKV premium increases would be, according to an association spokesman. The PKV association is the only one who knows that the costs for all services increased by 7 percent between 2008 and 2009. However, it is not yet possible to measure increases in premiums from this to the same extent.

According to the analysis results from Morgen & Morgen there are big differences in the premium increases of private health insurance companies. The premium increases were evaluated depending on the type of tariff and given as a total number. For example, the 6 different tariffs of the Deutsche Ring have risen by an average of 3.4 percent in the last ten years. With Pax family care, the contributions of the last ten years have increased by an average of 6.7 percent and those of the Mannheimer by 6.9 percent (including all tariffs).

Privately insured persons can hardly calculate the contributions of private health insurance. Because the price increases are often so high in detail that many insured people face severe financial difficulties. The annual contributions for men rose by an average of 1985 euros. At an insurer, men even had to pay an average of up to 3522 euros more in a ten-year comparison. The above-average increase in premiums among older people is not uncommon. In some cases, pensioners have had to accept 5 to 10 percent premium increases in the past five years. (sb)

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