Naturopathy can help with motion sickness

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What helps with motion sickness? Naturopathy can effectively alleviate and prevent motion sickness.

(25.05.2010) Many people feel sick when driving by car. In general, this phenomenon is described as "motion sickness". Some people are even so severely affected by the "motion sickness" that they have to throw up. It gets really bad when you have to drive a lot of curves in the car, this idea alone spoils many people's desire to travel. There are sensible preventive measures to make traveling pleasant despite the vulnerability.

The motion sickness is to blame for the confusing information from the muscles, eyes and the balance system in the inner ear during the journey, which is confusing for the human brain. On the one hand, you move with the car and on the other hand, the musculoskeletal system is not required. It is especially bad when you are reading a book as a passenger. As the eyes focus on reading the book, the balance system registers a fast pace. Many people then react with nausea, cold sweat, dizziness and even vomiting. In acute situations, it helps to interrupt the trip, get out, move and breathe in fresh air. In addition, naturopathy offers numerous treatment options for acute motion sickness. Fresh ginger is best poured with hot water, as a tincture or candied (for children). The healing root of Asia has been known for centuries to relieve nausea and vomiting.

But even before and during the journey, those affected can prepare sensibly. So you should eat easily digestible meals on the eve of your departure and avoid high-fat food while driving. Instead of reading a book, you should concentrate on the passing landscape. To distract yourself, audio books have also proven to be effective. It should also be ensured that fresh air can always enter the car through a window gap. Talking in the car about an approaching nausea should also be avoided, because otherwise symptoms could be intensified subjectively. Alcohol, coffee and nicotine should be avoided before and while driving. People who are very susceptible to motion sickness should be seated in the direction of travel in the train, bus and car. Rubbing the wrists with rosemary or basil oil is also considered helpful by naturopathy. Lemon balm drops, which can be consumed before the start of the journey, have also proven useful for some people. (sb)

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