Coffee doesn't wake you up

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Study: Coffee does not stimulate

According to a British study, the stimulating effects of coffee are just an illusion for coffee drinkers. According to the results of the study, performance only increases to the normal level.

Coffee gets the circulation going through the caffeine content. But the daily consumption of coffee also increases alertness and performance. Researchers at the University of Bristol say no, coffee drinkers only imagine increased productivity. Because the stimulating effect of caffeine is based on coffee habitual consumers only on imagination.

Many people say in the morning, "I have to have a coffee first, then I'll be approachable". But if you follow the results of the study, that's all just imagination. Because the human body develops a caffeine tolerance and after consuming coffee the organism is "raised" to the normal level. People who don't drink coffee are therefore no less productive. On the contrary, you don't even need your daily coffee in order to adjust the organism to the normal level of performance. Researchers led by the nutritional psychologist Peter Rogers from the University of Bristol explain this effect as follows: By consuming coffee every day, you only get up to the normal level of performance of those who are not used to coffee at all after drinking coffee.

379 subjects took part in the study. The test showed noticeable differences between subjective wakefulness and actual performance. Half of the study participants were given caffeinated tablets, the other half were given placebos without their knowledge (without any active ingredient). Participants who either rarely or never had coffee had no problem feeling "awake". Heavy drinkers of coffee often said they felt tired and exhausted when they were given placebos. Some even reported having a headache. The heavy coffee drinkers who were given caffeine tablets showed no noticeable symptoms. The caffeine actually caused your body to return to normal performance levels.

Attention tests were performed on the computer during further investigations. The participants who took caffeinated drugs showed no increased performance compared to those who hardly or never drink coffee. No study group performed significantly better than the other. The head of the study, Peter Rogers, said: "Our study shows that caffeine consumption is not beneficial - although we feel stimulated by it." Coffee is therefore not stimulating, but only a habituation factor for coffee drinkers in order to subjectively get the oranism going. (sb)

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