Arge has to pay PKV contributions at Hartz IV

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Time and again trouble about taking over private health insurance: Another court sentenced the responsible employment agency to take over the health insurance contributions of a Hartz IV recipient.

(June 17, 2010) An obvious legal loophole in the Hartz IV system always brings work to the social courts. Employment agencies deny ALG II recipients full coverage of private health insurance (PKV). Former self-employed are particularly affected, and they no longer have a chance to switch to statutory health insurance. Because once outside, the way to the legal is blocked.

In the specific case, the responsible Hartz IV authority refused to assume the full costs for the PKV health insurance. The employment agency only wants to pay a subsidy in the amount of the normal contributions of the statutory health insurance. The rest would have to pay from the few Hartz IV standard rates. However, another social court has now decided that ALG II recipients have to bear the full costs of the PKV, according to the social court in Chemnitz (file number: S 3 AS 450/10).

The State Social Court of North Rhine Westphalia also came to the same view. ALG II recipients must also be reimbursed for full PKV contributions, both for the basic tariff and for other tariffs if they are cheaper than the basic tariff. Otherwise, the subsistence level of the beneficiary is no longer guaranteed (AZ: L 12 B 107/09 SO ER). In some cases, those affected have to pay more than 160 euros from the standard rate, so there is hardly anything left for a living. A perfect difference in treatment also because formerly voluntarily insured persons are reimbursed the full costs. The legislator should finally find a regulation here, otherwise there will be further, justified complaints. (sb)

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