CSU: Percentage additional contributions for health insurance companies?

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In the dispute over the introduction of the head allowance, the CSU demands percentage additional contributions to the statutory health insurance.

(25.06.2010) Apparently there should be additional contributions for all health insurance companies in the future, which, if the CSU wishes, will be charged as a percentage by the insured. The CSU continues to reject a general head allowance, as requested by the FDP. With such a percentage additional contribution you want to achieve a "social balance". The CSU continues to reject the FDP model.

In the negotiations on the deficit of the statutory health insurance funds, the CSU wants to achieve "social compensation" by introducing a percentage additional contribution. Like the regular health insurance contribution, the supplement should be calculated as a percentage depending on the insured person's income. This is said to "cushion the emerging additional burdens of the insured" socially. the contribution should be collected directly from the salary.

Within the coalition, the CSU demanded that the "spending cap should be a priority". The Bavarian Minister of Health Markus Söder (CSU) told the "Süddeutsche Zeitung": This is "the most fair and unbureaucratic if we collect the additional contributions in the future as a percentage". It is not effective to increase the maximum additional contribution of 8 euros in order to then hand over the money again via the "social compensation", says Söder. This would already incur at least two euros in administrative fees for the additional contributions from the health insurance companies. Because if an insured person does not pay the premium, expensive collection procedures will result. "It is faster and fairer to collect the contribution as a percentage," Söder argued to the SZ. The CSU commission would represent a "unified opinion".

The coalition is currently arguing over the planned health care reform. The FDP continues to introduce a flat rate per head. All insured persons should collect a flat rate. Low-wages are to be relieved through a "social compensation". How the "compensation" should look like remains the secret of the party. The flat-rate additional contribution from the FDP should be 14 euros per month. The additional fee is to be charged monthly by all members, regardless of income. On July 1st, the leaders of the parties meet again to discuss how future contributions will be structured. The dispute over the introduction of additional contributions is expected to continue. (sb)

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