Every fourth ice cream is contaminated with germs

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Milk ice - every fourth sample is contaminated with germs

(06.09.2010) Not every ice cream is edible, because every fourth ice cream sample was contaminated with germs, at least that was the result of a test by consumer advocates from Cologne. Portions of milk ice cream from various mobile and fixed ice cream parlors were tested in the test. Of the 44 milk ice samples taken in Cologne, Düsseldorf and Dortmund, one in four was contaminated with germs.

According to consumer protection circles, the ice cream would no longer have been sold. Because the germs contained in the ice can lead to diarrhea, nausea and vomiting in humans. People with a weakened immune system would be particularly affected.

But how do the germs get into the ice? The main problem is the portioner. Because they should actually be washed under running cold water. However, many ice cream parlors use a constant immersion bath in which the scoop is in front of every scoop
Ice dipped. Water that is used repeatedly with milk ice remains is an ideal source of bacteria and germs. Although the results regarding the hygienic conditions in the ice cream parlors are unsettling, there is no great health risk from the bacterial contamination in the ice cream. According to initial reports, salmonella or listeria were not found. (sb)

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