Women: Abdominal pain often with a heart attack

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Women who have a heart attack often have abdominal pain.

A heart attack is often discovered too late in women because the symptoms are mostly too unspecified. Many women believe that abdominal pain is a gastrointestinal or indigestion problem. Unlike men, women who have an infarction often experience severe upper abdominal pain, dizziness with nausea, and vomiting.

Norbert Smetak, Chairman of the Federal Association of Resident Cardiologists in Munich, therefore advises women to call an emergency doctor if they experience such symptoms. Especially when there are other symptoms such as excessive sweating, short breathing and anxiety. “One possible reason for this increased mortality is that the often atypical symptoms are not always interpreted correctly. Women are therefore often treated too late or not at all, ”explains Dr. Smetak. But with a heart attack, every minute counts. "The loss of time until effective treatment in the clinic in turn worsens the prognosis." For this reason it is advisable to call the emergency doctor once too much rather than too little. Heart attacks are now the second most common cause of death in women. Also because the illness was recognized too late.

In men, a heart attack usually manifests itself differently. Men are more likely to have pain in the middle of the chest, which often radiates into the left arm and lower jaw. The main symptom of myocardial infarction is a suddenly occurring, more than 20 minute long and mostly very severe pain in the chest area, which can radiate into the shoulders, arms, lower jaw and upper abdomen. (sb)

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