Hunger and lust from Uwe Knop

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Book review: “Hunger und Lust” by Uwe Knop.

(09/16/2010) The PR expert in the field of medicine and graduate nutritionist Uwe Knop has a terrifying effect with his second edition of the book "Hunger and Lust - The first book on culinary body intelligence" published in Vito von Eichborn's Edition BoD obvious work written.

In recent years, Knop has used triple-digit studies from the fields of medicine and nutrition for his book and added a large number of studies published in 2010 to the second edition. The bottom line is that our food intake is too strongly shaped by dogmas and beliefs. Basic rules such as the one that one should eat five meals at the cheapest price, drink at least one and a half liters a day or should not eat after 10 p.m. are as firmly anchored in German minds as the belief in the sports section of the Bild newspaper.

In the first part of the book, Uwe Knop relativizes any general wisdom about nutrition through well-founded studies and their counter-studies. In doing so he thankfully does not make the mistake of embellishing individual topics too excessively and in detail, but summarizes himself in an extremely “user-friendly” manner in the chapters and delivers the key messages in a concise and humorously readable manner without becoming superficial or polemical.

In the following section, Knop describes his conclusions: Knop's thesis consists in the fact that, due to the many rules enforced from the outside, food intake requires an age from the eaters that is hardly manageable. But Knop puts this step in the foreground of his book. By showing the absurdity of the dietary rules, Knop gives people confidence in the individually felt feelings of hunger and pleasure when eating and drinking.

He avoids, like others in the field of medicine or nutrition, to praise their own words as the new dogma, but instead puts the critical questioning of any rules in the foreground. Because, according to Knop, mind-controlled eating lacks confidence in your own body and your own perception. And so the ground is prepared for eating disorders.

Representations of studies impressively demonstrate that people tend to increase through or after diets or sweeteners, for example, and thus achieve the opposite effect of their actual efforts. Finally, Knop deals with the food supplement market and formulates "The Elf Essences of Real Eaters".

Nevertheless, this book is not about bringing a new wisdom to the market, but about giving people confidence in their own feeling again. The concern and the appealing writing style Knops make this book a must in our country, in which the uncertainty in dealing with eating and drinking and in the end defect with oneself and one's perception, in the wide range of diet and nutritionist literature and eating disorders expresses. The book has rightly received the BoD Authors Award 2010 for this. (tf)

Uwe Knop: Hunger und Lust- The first book on culinary body intelligence Books on Demand (BoD) 210 pages ISBN: 3839175291
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