Mother shapes unborn child

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People are shaped in the womb. Certain influences in the womb are passed on to the fetus.
The importance of the nine months in the womb for the later occurrence of diseases is increasingly becoming the focus of science. While it has so far been a mystery why some people are more likely to suffer from certain diseases than others, recent research has shown that the influences that a fetus in the womb has been exposed to determine whether it is later susceptible to diseases such as diabetes, depression and heart -Circulatory diseases

In the past, research has focused more on genetic factors or personal lifestyle to explain the occurrence of certain diseases. However, several studies in the recent past have scientifically proven a connection between the influences that a fetus in the womb was exposed to and the occurrence of later diseases. For example, the lifelong health impact of nine months in the womb was obviously long underestimated.

The fact that certain risk factors such as genetic predisposition, lack of exercise, obesity, unhealthy diet or stress, the occurrence of diabetes, cardiovascular disease or cancer can favor medical research has long been known and has been extensively investigated. The significance of the nine months in the womb on a person's lifelong health has not yet been clarified. This is how Professor Dr. Berthold Koletzko, chair of the Child Health Foundation, told "" that "in the nine months before the birth (...) far more (happens) than a rigidly defined development, which ends with the birth of a baby." Because " According to our current knowledge, the nutrients, trace elements and stress hormones that come from the mother through the placenta into the child's circulation largely determine whether a person will develop civilization diseases such as high blood pressure or diabetes, overweight or dangerously high cholesterol levels in the course of his life developed and therefore susceptible to diseases of the cardiovascular system and metabolism ". Most of the influences and stimuli that an expectant mother is exposed to during pregnancy have a direct effect on the child's health. The current one

Studies assume that precisely these influences influence people's health and susceptibility to disease for a lifetime. According to the doctors, this is where pre-programming ("fetal programming") of lifelong health takes place, because in no phase of life do people grow and develop faster than during the nine months until their birth. Therefore, even the slightest disorder has an extremely strong impact on the organism during this period. For example, a study by the English epidemiologist David Baker has shown that a poor mother's diet can lead to the birth of small children, who in turn are then at significantly higher risk of heart attack in old age. For newborns who weigh less than 2.5 kilos, the risk of heart attack increases by around 50 percent.

Prof. Koletzko explains: "The programming influences of nutrition in the earliest phase of life on health in later life are a particularly important topic in biomedical research today". Not only malnutrition is critical, but also excessive mothers' food intake. Because if too much food is ingested, the children are usually over-fed and born too heavy. However, overweight infants are more likely to develop asthma, allergies or diabetes later in life and are at increased risk of cancer. "If mothers are not careful, they can set the course for overweight and diabetes in their children before birth," emphasized Arne Astrup; nutritionist from the University of Copenhagen. (Fp, 07.10.2010)

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