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Berlin: Naturopathic Practice Naturopath Thomas Schreiber Health is undoubtedly the most valuable asset we have. Nature (our body) uses various processes to maintain health. The resulting (healing) processes, which sometimes (usually we don't even notice them) are also painful, should not be broken off, as is often done with chemical drugs. My aim is to support the body with the means that nature provides us to support the healing processes.

To do this, I use various means of homeopathy, herbal and animal preparations, among others. I mainly use Injecto acupuncture, traditional acupuncture, infection and infusion therapy and work with construction animals, cupping, warmth and light and other techniques. My goal is to support the way of nature and therefore the body and not to impose my will on nature. I consciously follow the path of Pro Natur and not the path of anti-medicine, which unfortunately has found its way into the world of so-called conventional medicine. The basic anthroposophical idea that health takes into account the diverse relationships between the individual, his being and his environment also means in the case of illness that the holistic diagnosis must lead to holistic treatment. I have committed myself to that.

Berlin: Naturheilpraxis Thomas Schreiber
Schützenstrasse 16
12105 Berlin
Tel: 030 7065714
Mail. [email protected]

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