Fashion drug "Lava red" threatens health

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Dangerous fashion drug brings adolescents to the hospital: health authorities warn of the fashion drug "lava red".

Once again, several young people end up in the hospital after consuming a herbal blend joint. The legally distributed substances often have fatal effects on the health of consumers. The use of herbal mixtures is currently relatively widespread among young people. However, the experiments with the joints from the “lava red” or “monkey go bananas” mixtures increasingly backfire. An increasing number of adolescents have to be treated with massive health problems in the hospital after the supposedly harmless consumption.

Herb mixture as a questionable marijuana substitute It started a few years ago with the now prohibited "Spice". A herbal drug called a herbal blend that was considered a substitute for marijuana, did not fall under the Narcotics Act (BtMG) and could not be detected by most drug measuring devices. Although there was a herb mixture on it, there were always synthetic active ingredients in the product sold as a room fragrance.

In most cases, these chemical substances produced the actual effect, although the consequences of inhalation for the health of consumers remained unclear. After “Spice” was banned around two years ago, numerous other products filled the gap. The manufacturers seem to have gone a step further with their current compositions. While with "Spice" only very few medical treatments were necessary, there has been an increasing number of admittances of young people to hospitals due to the consumption of so-called herbal mixtures such as "Lava red" or "Monkey go bananas". Just last weekend, several adolescents aged 14 to 21 had to be hospitalized for consuming a “lava red” joint, with two 16-year-olds already passed out when the emergency doctor arrived.

Shortness of breath, visual disturbances, loss of consciousness due to "Lava red" Smoking "Lava red" can lead to shortness of breath, cramps, visual disturbances, nausea, sweating, dangerous cardiac arrhythmias and loss of consciousness, according to the current warning of the Poison Information Center. Even long-standing stoners were very amazed at the corresponding online forums. According to some users, this sometimes reminds less of marijuana but rather of hard chemical substances. Particularly dangerous for young people, because the substances usually have an even stronger effect on their metabolism and are also less mentally stable, so that the corresponding effect can have far-reaching consequences on the psyche of the adolescents. The association with marijuana also has a fatal effect. Because while the effects of cannabis, which is already very strong today, can still be controlled to some extent, the dangerous mix of chemical substances with the various herbs can have extreme health consequences, the experts warned.

Herbal Mixtures Not Suitable For Inhalation Although the manufacturers warn on the packaging that “Lava red” is not suitable for inhalation, it can be assumed that the producers only wanted to provide legal protection here, rather than actually advising consumers against smoking. Because many of the herbal mixtures marketed as room fragrances were brought onto the market explicitly with a view to sales via the local head shops, shops with accessories for cannabis consumption such as hookahs, cleaning accessories, tobacco and special cigarette paper. Herbal mixtures can be traded here “as long as they are not prohibited. But they will only be banned if they have negative effects on the body, ”said a police spokesman.

As long as the purchase via the local "head shop" is correspondingly simple, many young people will probably continue to abuse the product in the future. It is also here that the operators of the shops should be appealed to check the delivery of the products over their counter more critically. Because the spread of constantly changing mixtures is not only a problem for the legislator with the regulation, but also for the consumer with the assessment of the effect and an unpredictable risk for his health.

Marijuana ban exacerbates the problem With the constant emergence of new substances that are traded as marijuana substitutes, an old problem in German drug policy is coming to the fore again. Again and again, dives appear that do not fall under the legal regulations of the BtMG and nevertheless promise a similar effect to Marihuna in order to circumvent the prohibition of to date which still exists. Substances come onto the market on a regular basis, which have a far more devastating effect on the health of consumers than cannabis, as evidenced by the increasing number of hospitalizations among young people. However, since hardly any educational work has been carried out in this direction so far, many young people are relatively uninhibited in dealing with the so-called herbal mixtures and often find themselves completely unprepared in extremely dangerous situations. (16.11.2010 - fp)

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