No connection between leukemia and aces?

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Radiation exposure aces no reason for cancer?

Is there a connection between the increased leukemia rate and the nuclear waste storage facility "Asse"? A radiance

The population is concerned about the occurring blood cancer cases in the region around the dilapidated Asse nuclear waste disposal site. Experts speak up, who doubt that "low radiation exposure" triggers the cancer. The citizens' initiative for environmental protection in Lüchow-Dannenberg (BI) does not believe that the government of Lower Saxony will provide information. It is striking that a possible teamwork is denied in advance, so the initiative.

No connection between low radiation exposure and blood cancer?
Wolfgang-Ulrich Müller believes that a connection between the conspicuous accumulation of leukemia cases (blood cancer) in the vicinity of the operated nuclear waste repository Asse II is unlikely. Many studies in recent years have examined a possible context between radiation exposure from nuclear facilities and cancer. According to the expert's statements to the magazine "Focus", "on closer inspection there was never anything resilient left". The expert previously headed the Radiation Protection Commission (SSK), which advises the Federal Environment Ministry. Today he is the chairman of the SSK working group "Radiation Risk". A "biological mechanism" cannot explain how the low radiation exposure triggers cancer tumors. "For the allegedly threefold increase in cases of thyroid cancer, for example, so much radioactive iodine should have been released that the measuring instruments would have sounded the alarm," the biologist told Focus. In Müller's opinion, other explanatory patterns than blood radioactivity are also more likely in blood cancer cases. Plant protection products or infections are more likely to cause leukemia.

"If you look at the leukemia disorders in the entire municipality of Asse, you would expect one case per year," said a note from the Ministry of Social Affairs. However, 18 cases occurred between 2002 and 2009. A cause for this has not yet been determined, according to the Lower Saxony Ministry of the Environment. The Citizens' Initiative for Environmental Protection Lüchow-Dannenberg was surprised that the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) is trying to "appease the population". “Without analyzing the individual cases of illness, the BfS stated that there was no fear of contamination by radioactive substances from the aces. This raises doubts as to whether there is a will for serious and “relentless” clarification when the result is already known. ” The BfS as the competent authority for radiation protection should above all urge that the federal states implement the federal legal requirements for the creation of cancer registries quickly, the environmentalists criticize.

State government shows little will to clarify
In the opinion of the citizens' initiative, the Lower Saxony state government showed little will to research the leukemia clusters and their causes. Shortly before, BI criticized how little willingness there is in the state government to research leukemia clusters and their causes. At the meeting of the Committee on Social Affairs and Health of the Lower Saxony state parliament, the representatives of the CDU and the FDP in fact finished research into the causes of leukemia in the Elbmarsch last Wednesday, and further soil samples should not be examined. So far, 19 leukemia cases have occurred in the vicinity of the nuclear facilities in Krümmel and the GKSS site in Geesthacht. "So much for the information provided by the state government of Lower Saxony, that something happens only where the focus of public attention is directed", BI spokesman Wolfgang Ehmke tells the state government. Citizens' initiatives now suspect that the particular accumulation of blood cancer around "Krümmel" is due to an accident involving nuclear material on September 12, 1986 on the GKSS site. (sb, Nov 28, 2010)

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