Bavarian Association of General Practitioners with New Chairman

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Former BHÄV boss Hoppenthaller becomes honorary chairman. Dieter Geis new chairman of the Bavarian Family Association.

The Bavarian General Medical Association (BHÄV) has elected a new chairman. After Wolfgang Hoppenthaller resigned at the end of last year because the planned return of the health insurance approvals by the Bavarian family doctors failed, and Wolfgang Krombholz temporarily took over the leadership, the general practitioner Dr. Dieter Geis at the head of the BHÄV.

BHÄV elects supporters of system exit as chairperson The delegation of 99 voters voted at the BHÄV assembly with 96 votes for family doctor Dieter Geis as the new chairman of the association. The dispute between BHÄV and AOK about the reimbursement of medical services will presumably become more acute again with the choice of the 59-year-old general practitioner from Lower Franconia. Because Geis has a position similar to that of Hoppenthaller and basically classifies the planned exit of the system by the health insurance physicians as the correct consequence. His predecessor's analysis of the problems arising from the health care reform was correct. However, "the cash registers (...) played a double game," said the new association chairman. "Our attempted system exit was only a welcome occasion for them (the health insurers) to get rid of the unpopular family doctor contracts," emphasized Dieter Geis.

New Chairman of the General Practitioners Demands Closed Behavior In future, the new BHÄV chairman hopes that the association members will act in a closed manner when dealing with health insurance companies. In December of last year, only around 40 percent of the statutory health insurance physicians at a meeting of the BÄV pleaded for the collective return of the health insurance approvals. The then chairman, Wolfgang Hoppenthaller, however, had required approval of at least 60 percent in order to implement the plans. After the return of the health insurance approvals failed, the AOK and some smaller Bavarian state health insurance companies terminated their general practitioner contracts with the BHÄV without notice due to the association's behavior contrary to the contract. The then BHÄV chairman Wolfgang Hoppenthaller also spoke at the current meeting and reminded the attending physicians of the disputes last year: "They (...) proved to the health insurance companies that they did not have the courage to oppose their bad game to fight back. Even if 42 percent of the colleagues voted for the exit, there were still too few. “He did not resign at the time because the behavior of the BHÄV was wrong, but because he misjudged the willingness of the members to participate in the planned collective system exit the former chairman. Wolfgang Hoppenthaller was appointed honorary chairman of the association at the meeting and received standing applause for his speech. The conclusion of the former BHÄV boss: "Show solidarity with the new board or be satisfied with the bread crumbs that will still fall from the cash register in the future." (Fp)

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