First milk from cows prevents diarrhea

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First milk from cows reduces the risk of diarrhea in top athletes

The so-called first milk from cows can reduce the risk of suffering from diarrhea when you exercise hard. This was the result of an English study by the "School of Medicine and Dentistry" in London.

First milk (colostrum) is produced in the first days before and a few days after calving. The milk usually contains a slightly sticky to yellowish color. This special milk is particularly popular with top athletes because the milk is said to contain a high proportion of valuable and protective substances. British researchers have now looked into the question of the positive properties that first-milk milk exerts with great effort among top athletes.

A total of 12 athletes took part in a study. The scientists instructed the subjects to spend 20 minutes on sports units. The body temperature of all participants rose by an average of two degrees Celsius. In addition, the researchers took a urine sample from all participants. In the laboratory, the scientists found that the permeability of the intestinal mucosa increased 2.5 times. This increased the permeability of pathogens to the bloodstream, increasing the risk of developing diarrhea. Because the human organism reacts to harmful germs with the natural self-cleaning process of diarrhea.

After the first experimental setup, the researchers made a second run. Now the participants were divided into two groups of the same size. The first group received first milk, the other participants served as a comparison group and received an active ingredient-free placebo. Again, all study participants were asked to actively exercise for 20 minutes. During exercise, the average body temperature rose again by two degrees. In the case of first milk drinkers, however, the permeability of the intestinal mucosa was reduced by 80 percent compared to the first experiment.

The scientists explained that if the body's warmth increased by two degrees, a large number of intestinal cells would die. However, the administration of first milk reduced cell death by two thirds, as the study leader and doctor Ray Playford summarized in the "American Journal of Physiology" reports. Colostrum can thus prevent undesirable diarrhea diseases in top-class sport.

For a long time, it was not possible to acquire primary milk in this country. Since a corresponding change in the law, consumers have been able to purchase primary milk in stores. The milk is usually sold in powder form or as a capsule. (sb)

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