Petition against agro-genetic engineering successful

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Petition against agro-genetic engineering successful: over 65,000 votes to stop GM crops from being registered

Over 65,000 citizens have signed the petition against agro-genetic engineering from the Federal Organic Food Industry (BÖLW) in the past three weeks. This makes the petition that calls for an approval moratorium on gene plants the most successful public petition against agro-genetic engineering in Germany and one of the few petitions that have won at least 50,000 supporters since 2005. With this result, she meets the requirements for a public hearing in the Petitions Committee of the German Bundestag. The main criticism of opponents of genetic engineering is the inadequate and inadequate approval practice for GM plants in the EU. "The great popularity shows that people do not want any other risk technology that agricultural industry and politics are telling us today that it is safe and necessary for progress," said Felix Prinz zu Löwenstein, petitioner and CEO of BÖLW.

Felix Prinz zu Löwenstein will present the criticism of the petition personally at the public hearing before the Petitions Committee of the German Bundestag and discuss it with the politicians. Löwenstein criticizes that the responsible European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) does not commission independent investigations. It only checks the studies carried out by the agro-industry itself. In addition, meaningful, independent long-term studies were missing: "Brussels and the Federal Government want to bring GM plants to our fields that have not been properly tested," said the petitioner. The date for the hearing will be determined by the Petitions Committee and has not yet been decided.

18,000 to 19,000 petitions are submitted to the German Bundestag annually. In 2005, public petitions were introduced, which can also be drawn online. Since then, only eleven petitions in the first three weeks of the subscription period have reached the number of at least 50,000 supporters, who are normally decisive for a public hearing. The BÖLW petition against agro-genetic engineering is now the twelfth public petition that was able to gain enough co-signers during this period.
The collection of signatures for the BÖLW petition is not yet complete when the hearing is reached: the public petition with pet ID 16941 and the title "Admission limitation / regional Banning cultivation for genetically modified plants ": The online subscription is possible on the petition website of the German Bundestag.

The BÖLW petition is supported by the Vielfalterleben initiative, which has been campaigning against agricultural genetic engineering and maintaining diversity since the beginning of the year. The initiative was launched by Alnatura and, with over 140 partners from the fields of environmental and consumer protection, food production, processing and trade, is one of the largest alliances against agro-genetic engineering to date. The initiative's website provides extensive information on agro-genetic engineering, the importance of diversity in nature and its threats, as well as instructions on how to draw the petition. The petition form can also be downloaded there, with which the petition can also be signed by hand. (pm)

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