Social association against private long-term care insurance

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Solidarity comes before private - also in care

"The proposal for a mandatory flat rate in long-term care insurance is going in the wrong direction," said President of the Social and Welfare Association People's Solidarity, Prof. Gunnar Winkler, on Tuesday. “The problem of financing nursing care cannot and must not be solved privately and on the capital market. The answer can only be to continue to fund social care insurance in solidarity and to strengthen it. ”

It is clear that growing care requirements with an increasing number of people in need of care and service extensions cannot be managed with today's financing mechanism, Winkler emphasized again. “Care should not go in the wrong direction of partial privatization, which has already been adopted in statutory health insurance. In the longer term, citizens' insurance must help to protect the nursing risk in an aging society in solidarity. ”

The association president referred to the position paper “Care based on solidarity, needs-based and high quality”, with which the people's solidarity is involved in the debate about new legal regulations in care.

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