Minister of Health denies high additional contributions

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The Federal Health Minister does not expect a massive increase in additional contributions to health insurance companies. The DGB sees a destruction course of the cash registers due to the lump sums. City BKK insured persons may not be rejected.

The Federal Ministry of Health Daniel Bahr (FDP) warned the health insurance companies in an interview with the newspaper "Bild" to refuse access to members of the City BKK that had gone bust. In addition, the minister doubted a future additional contribution of 70 euros. The German trade union federation sees however a "destructive cash competition", which is triggered by the additional contributions.

Health insurance companies may not reject membership applications
The new health minister Daniel Bahr warned the health insurers if they refused to accept former City BKK members. The health insurance companies would have a legal obligation to admit every insured person. If a cash register does not take this obligation seriously, it will make you punishable. The minister therefore doubts that health insurance companies will actually follow a strict rejection. "No cash register will allow itself to make headlines publicly as a blocker cash register. However, we will evaluate these experiences in peace and quiet. I cannot rule out consequences."

The health minister said in the interview that the additional contributions will increase to 70 euros per month in the coming years. The Federal President of Statutory Health Insurance (GKV), Dr. Pfeiffer, had not ruled out such an increase in contributions in the form of additional contributions for the future. Minister Bahr sees it differently. "Such an increase is not expected in the foreseeable future. In the next year, the average additional contribution across all health insurance funds will at most be in the low single-digit euro range." Those who cannot afford the additional contribution also get social compensation, says Bahr.

Based on experience, DGB demands immediate consequences
The DGB deputy chief Annelie Buntenbach sees the closure of the City BKK as a "destructive box office competition triggered by the introduction of the flat rate per head". The fact that insured people are being brushed off by the other health insurance companies is a scandal. ”It is an unbearable scandal that City BKK insured persons are being brushed off by other health insurance companies. The Federal Insurance Office and ultimately the Federal Ministry of Health must ensure that the insured are free to choose. ”DGB board member Buntenbach called for the Federal Government to act quickly. "It must not be accepted that the statutory health insurance as a whole will fall into disrepute."

As a further consequence, the DGB calls on the federal government to improve the risk structure balance so that the different framework conditions and burdens on health insurance companies are actually balanced. Finally, private health insurance companies must also be involved in this compensation.

The additional contribution is a flat rate per head
“The closure of the City BKK is reason enough to end the destructive cash competition that the introduction of the flat rate per capita triggers. The head allowance has to be stopped and the competition finally has to start with the service providers in order to improve the quality of health care and ultimately save unnecessary costs. But if health insurance companies only compete to avoid the flat rate per head, a nationwide health insurance fund extinction is already foreseeable. “(Sb)

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