Microsoft founder calls for global vaccination programs

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Microsoft founder calls for global vaccination programs

Microsoft founder Bill Gates (55) is promoting support for vaccination programs worldwide, in particular to ensure better protection for children. The vaccination could save up to ten million lives, Gates said yesterday at the World Health Assembly in Geneva.

At the World Health Assembly, delegates from the World Health Organization (WHO) dealt with a wide range of topics, such as the destruction of the latest smallpox virus stocks in Russia and the United States. But the Microsoft founder had come for another reason. Gates campaigned for the support of vaccination programs worldwide, in particular to protect children in need in developing countries from diseases such as polio.

Bill Gates campaigns for worldwide support for vaccination programs Microsoft founder Bill Gates has been increasingly involved in the non-profit sector for years, with the "Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation", a foundation against hunger and diseases, which Gates together with his wife Melinda ( 46), especially the health of needy children in developing countries. At the WHO meeting, Gates therefore advocated supporting the vaccination programs worldwide, whereby according to the Microsoft founder, pharmaceutical manufacturers are also obliged to offer inexpensive vaccines for poorer countries. Gates emphasized that "a strong vaccination system will end polio" and can help "provide all children with five to six new vaccines."

Microsoft founder calls for “decade of vaccines” According to Gates, “four million lives by 2015 and ten million by 2020” could be saved by implementing appropriate vaccination programs. However, this would take a “decade of vaccines,” said the Microsoft founder at the World Health Assembly in Geneva, calling on all states and industry to do their part. According to Gates, the goal in the fight against polio, polio, meningitis and pneumonia should be a vaccination rate of up to 90 percent in all countries worldwide. “It may be the hardest thing we've ever done. But it is also the most important thing, ”emphasized the multi-billionaire at the 64th World Health Assembly.

Targeted call to improve vaccination programs With his call, the Microsoft founder explicitly addressed countries such as India, Nigeria, Chad or the Democratic Republic of the Congo, since here often "less than half of the children receive the necessary vaccinations". Gates named Burkina Faso and Mali as positive examples, which have recently achieved far-reaching success in combating meningitis. The vaccines cost relatively little, are easy to distribute and protect children from diseases in the long term, Gates explained. Gates was convinced that "we have the chance to create a new future in which global health is the cornerstone of global prosperity." (Fp)

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