City BKK insured are still looking

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Thousands of City BKK insured are still looking

Only seven days until the company health insurance “City BKK” closes. According to the health insurance company, around 30,000 insured persons have still not found a new insurance fund.

Thousands of City BKK members have not yet found a new health insurance company. According to the health insurance fund, around 30,000 members have not found any new statutory health insurance. Time is short because a change is only possible until July 14, 2011. After that there is a risk that the insurance coverage will expire. Anyone who has not found a new health insurance provider by this date no longer has the right to choose. Older and chronically ill insured are particularly affected, it said from health insurance circles. When the statutory changeover period is over, the employer or pension insurer comes on the scene and selects a health insurance company for the person concerned. Under certain circumstances, a health insurance company is then sought out, which charges an additional contribution. However, insurance experts strongly advise against letting the changeover period pass. An independent choice of the fund is important to choose a health insurance whose benefits cover the needs of the insured. It is unclear whether there are rejected insured among the remaining. A few weeks ago it became known that thousands of customers were literally turned away from the other cash registers.

City BKK wrote to the remaining insured
The remaining employees of City BKK have now started to write to the remaining members. Active help is offered in the cover letter. Insured persons only have to make a cross at the election box office, City BKK employees will take care of the rest. This is a last service that the till offers before closing. (sb)

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