The majority of Germans also work on vacation

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The majority of Germans also work on vacation

More than half of Germans also work on vacation, according to a recent survey by the market research institute GfK. Men in particular seem to have considerable difficulties leaving everyday work behind on vacation.

Instead of relaxing and giving the body a rest, 58 percent of the self-employed interviewed and 53 percent of the employees also spend time on vacation, according to the representative survey carried out on behalf of the booking portal "" with over 1,000 working people Participants.

Every second working person works during the vacation period Overall, around every second German works during vacation, although women tend to switch off more easily than men, reports the news agency "DPA". 54 percent of women would spend time on work on vacation, whereas the proportion of men was a remarkable 61 percent, the experts from the market research institute GfK explained. 55 percent of those surveyed stated that they were contacted on vacation by the employer or by customers about professional matters. Around a quarter (24 percent) of employees said that the employer required accessibility even while on vacation. However, the occupation with professional matters does not seem to cause real resentment during the vacation time. According to the results of the GfK study, only 31 percent of those questioned said that they felt disturbed by this.

Relaxation and relaxation should come first on vacation When asked about the reason for working during the vacation period, 46 percent of those questioned stated their sense of responsibility, 33 percent stated that otherwise too much remained unfinished and 29 percent stated that they were finally on vacation Finding time for professional things that you wouldn't otherwise get. In other words, those affected take vacation to work through unfinished business matters. Relaxation, relaxation and stress relief are often only in second place on vacation, according to the latest GfK study. Numerous previous studies show that the increase in health problems and mental disorders among the workforce is directly related to the persistent pressure to perform and the lack of rest periods. (fp)

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