Naturopathic practice for humans and animals

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It is my concern to perceive people in their entirety, to give them a feeling of being absorbed and understood, no matter what depresses or hurts them. After a detailed medical history, the treatment concept is developed with the patient in a solution-oriented manner. Treatment focuses include: acute and chronic pain; Headache migraine; Fatigue and tiredness; Metabolic diseases; psychological and emotional stressful situations; Coping with trauma, acute crises and anxiety; Smoking cessation; Regulation of eating behavior; Addiction treatment As forms of therapy I offer i.a. on: light acupuncture; Ear acupuncture; Hypnotherapy; Bach - flower therapy; Reiki; Dream trips; KO AN MA - massage; Schüssler salts; Reflexology massage; Energy work and spiritual healing; Dream trips; NLP. I also like to work with children who have behavioral problems or have learning difficulties. I work once a week at a primary school with children who have learning difficulties and / or have behavioral problems. I treat animals naturopathically in their home environment, so there is no stress for the animal and I can observe it more relaxed. In acute cases I offer home visits, also for massages. I offer a short, informal "sniffing" conversation free of charge.

Naturopathic practice for humans and animals
Rungestrasse 22-24
10179 Berlin
Tel: 030 - 92092161

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