Slim and happy with homeopathy?

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Lean and happy with homeopathy - homeopathy as a lifestyle gimmick?

Pharmacies with a high Internet presence advertise with homeopathic “slimming globules”, “wellness globules”, “men's vital globules” and similar flowery promises. "Such offers are not serious and, from the point of view of the homeopathic professional associations and specialist organizations, are likely to damage the reputation of homeopathy", the user association for the receipt of homeopathic medicines (AEHA) stated in a message. Obesity, for example, is a very complex problem, the homeopathic treatment of which has to be differentiated and individual, which includes the overall situation and which, in addition to homeopathic medicines, may also have to take accompanying measures into account.

Five different overweight patients receive five different medicines during homeopathic treatment, the sixth patient in turn receives a different medicine. The same applies to allergies, acne, circulatory disorders, susceptibility to cold, joint problems, skin problems, stomach or liver problems, menstrual problems, sleep disorders, menopausal symptoms and other symptoms.

Homeopathy is based on individualization, not on general prescriptions. More complex, chronic health disorders can only be sensibly treated through individualized and professionally applied homeopathy. "This is precisely what does not take place with undifferentiated offers from commercially resourceful internet pharmacies," judges the user alliance. Homeopathy does not offer a brave new world with "Schön-Slim-Successful-Happy-Immersexy-Pillen", it aims at effective help for health disorders and illnesses. "As a mature citizen, you have the opportunity to make the pharmacies in question clearly aware that this is not a serious offer," calls the AHEA.

The user alliance for the preservation of homeopathic medicines unites the three largest German organizations of homeopathic users in one association. The aim is to preserve the full range of medicinal products for patients and therapists necessary for qualified homeopathy. The alliance includes the Federation of Classical Homeopaths in Germany, the German Central Association of Homeopathic Doctors and the Association of Classical Homeopaths in Germany. (pm)

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