Adipotides: slimming pill destroys fat cells

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Adipotides: Novel fat-away pill promises groundbreaking success

How often has the pharmaceutical industry claimed to have discovered a new miracle cure for obesity in recent years? Also this year, American researchers are presenting a new fat pathway pill that is supposed to help you lose weight without strict diets or exercise.

The so-called adipotides are conditional on the results of Dr. According to Renata Pasqualini and colleagues from the University of Texas in Houston, a reduction in fat cells, which manifests itself in a significant loss in body weight. The pill affects the blood supply to living tissue and thus prevents the oxygen supply and food supply to the fat cells, whereupon they cannot regenerate or reproduce and die. For the first time, researchers at the University of Texas have now tested the use of the novel fat pathway pill on rhesus monkeys and have thus achieved an average weight loss of eleven percent.

Lose up to 15 kilos in four weeks? The adipotides have been successfully tested on mice for years, and according to the US researchers, a weight loss of up to 40 percent could be achieved in the animals. The researchers have now found a similar effect in their experiments on rhesus monkeys. Together with her colleague Dr. Wadih Arap injected study leader Dr. Renata Pasqualini obese rhesus monkeys and then watched their weight gain. On average, the animals lost around eleven percent in body weight over the course of the four-week treatment, which would translate to a weight loss of ten to 15 kilograms when converted to an overweight adult, the US scientists reported. Since rhesus monkeys and humans are very similar in their metabolic properties, Pasqualini and Arab were optimistic that the pill could also be used in humans with comparable successes in the future. This would make the adipotides as a pill a new alternative to losing weight in humans too. Since adipotides reduce the total number of fat cells, the US researchers say that the risk of subsequent weight gain is significantly lower than with previous preparations.

Slimming pill shows only minor side effects The destruction of fat cells makes the fundamental difference in adipotides compared to the previous active ingredients. Earlier slimming pills were more likely to curb appetite or reduce fat intake, for example through their absorption in the intestine. While Dr. Renata Pasqualini and Dr. Wadih Arap explicitly warn of the dangerous side effects of the appetite suppressants, some of which the European Medicines Agency has already banned and others are currently reviewing due to possible health damage, the US researchers highlight the significantly reduced risk of side effects of the adipotides. For example, the appetite suppressant sibutramine was banned in the EU as early as 2010, as it poses an increased risk of heart attack and stroke, and the EU is currently examining possible liver damage from the fat intake blocker Orlistat. In the case of the adipotides that attach directly to the fat cells, the side effects are, in contrast to the previous weight loss methods, significantly less, explained Pasqualini and Arap. In the course of laboratory experiments with animals, the adipotides had shown only very few side effects, which, according to the US researchers, can be attributed to the fact that the effects of the adipotides are aimed specifically at certain blood vessels.

Clinical studies on the effects of adipotides planned After the current studies were quite successful, according to the US researchers, a clinical study on patients with prostate cancer is now planned for 2012. Because of cancer treatment with hormones, these often suffer from a significant increase in so-called depot fat and a corresponding increase in weight. For years, Arap Pasqualini have therefore been looking for a medication that can stop or even reverse obesity - with the least possible side effects. This is the case with adipotics, according to the US researchers, on the effect of the novel preparation. The rhesus monkeys remained alert and alert during the current investigation - while the appetite remained the same, explained the study director. According to the researchers, only the change in the kidney function values ​​was noticeable, although these would have returned to normal relatively quickly after the end of the test. Regarding weight loss, however, the effect of Adopotide was quite long-term, according to Pasqualini and Arap. In a large part of the experimental animals, the weight loss continued for several weeks after the adipotides were discontinued, the US researchers emphasized.

Criticism of slimming pills Although obesity could in future be a relatively simple method for treating weight problems in people with overweight and obesity, such preparations are quite controversial in the professional world. According to the critics, these should only be used for people who are overweight due to illness or caused by the treatment of illnesses. If the obesity is the result of an unhealthy lifestyle with a lack of exercise and improper nutrition, such a weight loss pill would not only send the wrong signal, but would probably only have a short-term effect, according to the critics of the controversial drugs. Added to this are the possible side effects, which in many cases preclude the use of weight loss pills when considering the medical benefits. (fp)

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