E-cigarette exploded in the mouth of a 57-year-old

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A man in the United States was seriously injured in the face and mouth by an explosion when using an e-cigarette

As the American television broadcaster “NBC-News” already reported in its news issue on Tuesday, a 57-year-old man from Niceville in Florida was seriously injured on the face while consuming an electric cigarette (so-called e-cigarette). The victim lost numerous teeth and a part of the front tongue was torn apart in the explosion.

In the interview, the wife says she heard a loud bang from her husband's study. It sounded like "an explosion of a firework". Afterwards she heard her husband screaming loudly.

Defective battery likely cause
Butch Parker of the local fire department suspects that the explosion was probably caused by a defective battery inside the e-cigarette. So far, the fire brigade was not aware that such accidents could be caused by using e-cigarettes. When the firefighters first saw the victim when they arrived at the scene of the accident, they thought a missile had exploded in the man's mouth. That could happen, "I've never heard or seen anything like it before," Parker told NBC News. The room was set on fire by lighting the battery.

So far it has not been possible to determine which brand it was. What is certain is that it must be a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that exploded. This is used by many manufacturers. The experts had found a charging station in the victim's study.

The accident will further spark the debate over the e-cigarette. The 57-year-old had given up smoking two years ago and then switched to "vaping" electronic cigarettes. Now he is being treated in a special clinic for burn victims. According to initial knowledge, the man is missing almost all teeth and a part of his tongue.

In numerous forums of "steamers" it can already be read that the report must be a "propaganda campaign" by the tobacco lobby. Doctors, scientists or politicians who are critical of health consequences are quickly suspected of working for that lobby. Many people are enthusiastic "vapers" because they use the devices to quit smoking. The e-cigarettes simulate the appearance, physical sensation and taste of conventional glow sticks.

Hardly researched into e-cigarettes
Dr. Meanwhile, Stephen Jay, a professor of medicine at Indiana University, warned against carelessness. There is currently insufficient knowledge to make a final assessment. "There is no data on safety or effectiveness as an aid to smoking cessation," said Jay. In addition, the Internet is full of pro sites that provide a lot of misleading information. According to the expert, there is a particular danger here for adolescents and children who assume that the use is completely harmless, but the nerve poison nicotine and numerous other substances in the liquids that are inhaled when evaporated are by no means harmless.

Little control and lots of inferior goods
E-cigarettes and liquids, known as liquids, are mostly sold online on the Internet or more and more often in so-called e-shops. According to the TVECA lobby initiative, approximately 2.5 million people in the US currently use the electronic cigarette. In the meantime, the million mark should also be reached in Germany. According to TVECA, the technical components are not subjected to precise controls during manufacture. For this reason, there may also be low-quality goods on the market, as the head of the Ray Story organization said in an interview. The EU Commission has announced that it will closely examine the health effects of electrical devices. Until then, it cannot be said that consumption is harmless, as a spokesman emphasized. The Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices in Bonn emphasized that there is currently no fundamental decision due to insufficient data. (sb)

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