Radon heat therapy helps with rheumatism

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Radon heat therapy helps sensitive rheumatism patients

April is extremely changeable in terms of weather. Many people suffer from head pressure, irritability, circulatory disorders or pain in muscles and joints when there are strong fluctuations in the climate. Particularly affected: rheumatics. They are dealing with increasing and decreasing temperatures, high air humidity and falling air pressure. Under these conditions, the rheumatic complaints often worsen. Measures such as alternating showers or visits to the sauna to regulate the threshold of stimulation provide short-term relief in some cases, but, like pain relievers, are not a permanent solution. If you want to tackle rheumatic symptoms sustainably, radon heat therapy is a natural alternative to drug treatment.

"When absorbed through the skin and lungs, radon releases alpha rays that stimulate cell repair and activate pain-relieving messengers," explains Dr. Bertram Hölzl, radon expert and medical director of the Gasteiner Heilstollen. This effect is even enhanced by the so-called hyperthermia effect. Because it is up to 41 degrees in the tunnel, therapeutic fever develops in the body for a short time, which improves the receptivity for the noble gas. "Radon heat therapy has also been shown to influence serotonin metabolism, the disturbance of which experts believe to be the cause of the increased pain sensation when the weather changes, and leads to muscle relaxation, from which those affected by rheumatism benefit significantly," reports Dr. Hölzl. Patients drive into a mountain and stay there for about 60 minutes.

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