Face transplant: man gets a new face

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Most extensive face transplantation completed to date

As part of the most extensive face transplant to date, a team of multidisciplinary doctors at the Medical Center at the University of Maryland have restored the face of a 37-year-old American.

With the support of over 150 nurses, Prof. Eduardo D. Rodriguez and his team gave the 37-year-old Richard Norris a completely new face, including both jaws, teeth and tongue, in a 72-hour operation. As the University of Maryland said, this was the most extensive face transplant ever performed.

Face transplant with new jaw, teeth and tongue According to the University of Maryland, the face of the transplant recipient was injured in 1997 with a firearm. Since then, "several rescue and reconstructive surgeries have been performed," but the loss of the nose and lips and the damage to the mouth have not been remedied, the university reports. In the course of an extremely complicated operation, the multidisciplinary medical team headed by Prof. Rodriguez has now accomplished what Richard Norris has so far hardly imagined. In painstaking detail work, the doctors constructed a new face for him, with a new jaw, new teeth and a new tongue. "We used innovative surgical practices and computer-assisted techniques" to "transplant as closely as possible," said Dr. Rodriguez. The procedure also included the transplantation of "all facial soft tissues from the scalp to the neck, including the underlying muscles included" and "the sensory and motor nerves" to not only restore function and feeling, but also "aesthetically pleasing Results ”to achieve, said the head of the multidisciplinary team of doctors.

Interdisciplinary collaboration is crucial for the success of face transplantation According to Dr. Rodriguez the composition of his team of plastic and reconstructive surgeons "with special training and experience in craniofacial surgery and reconstructive microsurgery." Albert E. Reece, Dean of the School of Medicine at the University of Maryland, added that the face transplant "is a perfect example of." are the options ”that doctors can offer to“ patients if the expertise of our research and clinical teams ”is bundled. The team benefited greatly from the experience of those involved in the treatment of ballistic injuries with high shooting speeds in the face area. But the knowledge of the participating scientists and doctors from the Department of “Transplant Surgery Maryland, who have researched ways to reduce and minimize rejection of the donated organs,” was also a significant advantage, the University of Maryland said. The professor of trauma surgery, also involved in the operation, Thomas M. Scalea, explained that the face transplant in the "Shock Trauma Center" at the Medical Center at the University of Maryland was carried out because "an infrastructure for multidisciplinary care was built up" and "one." Project like the face transplant requires multidisciplinary collaboration between numerous clinical services ”.

Successful face transplantation is the culmination of years of research In the article "University of Maryland completes most extensive fullface transplant to date", Prof. Stephen T. Bartlett, Chairman of the Department of Surgery at the School of Medicine at the University of Maryland, points out that the " Achievement the culmination of more than 10 years “research is. The recovery of Richard Norris is currently progressing well and the 37-year-old already has a feeling on the face, can brush his teeth and shave, reports the University of Maryland. After the successfully completed face transplant, the patient now has every reason to hope for a return to normal life, according to Dr. Rodriguez and colleagues. (fp)

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