Back pain: when the furniture is to blame

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The back can be relieved in your own home

If the intervertebral disc pinches, the neck and shoulders are tense, back pain plagues or the lumbar spine hurts, those affected should relieve their back. Not only with targeted back pain exercises but also with furniture that is “back-friendly” can make everyday life easier and possibly prevent a severe herniated disc.

Almost everyone knows back pain Millions of people suffer from back pain. These do not usually occur in old age but can already be found in the youngest. More than 40 percent of fourth graders in Germany have experienced back pain once or more. "Back complaints are the number one problem," explains Georg Stingel of the "Healthy Back" campaign.

According to experts, not only lack of exercise and improper nutrition are also responsible for "back-unfriendly furniture". Affected people often take long incorrect sitting positions or sleep on an unsuitable mattress. These circumstances inevitably lead to back problems.

"It is not only the workplace that has to be ergonomically designed as prevention and help against back problems," reports Ursula Geismann from the Association of the German Furniture Industry. Even at home, chairs, sofa and the kitchenette should be ergonomic and back-friendly. When buying new furniture, not only the design should be considered, but special attention should be paid to the fact that beds, kitchen furniture and the new couch are comfortable for the back. For example, the seat of the sofa should not be too low so that even smaller people can sit on it.

Exercises for back pain If sufferers suffer from back pain, especially when bending down, and sitting for long periods of time is not pleasant, walking or walking up and down the apartment can help. When walking, the pain is interrupted and the back is relaxed, experts explain. Similar reports are reported by patients whose back pain mainly occurs when lying down. Basically, you should only do what is good for you. Sometimes even jumping on trampolines can provide relief.

Lying is sometimes helpful for people with lower back pain. Unhooking on a roof beam or a horizontal bar, for example, is often suitable for this type of back pain so that the back is pulled apart. Stretching with stretching up is also beneficial. Here too it is important to only stretch and stretch so that it is comfortable. (ag)

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