Healthy snacking in the office

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The right snack in the office promotes performance and concentration

The right snack in the office helps you stay focused throughout the day. Nutrition expert Reinhard-Karl Üblacker from Mühldorf am Inn explained what a healthy snack should look like in between.

A light vegetable snack in between provides the necessary energy at work and, according to the expert, helps to keep a cool head. In the office, small snacks made from fruit or vegetables can prevent the blood sugar level from dropping and the concentration can be maintained, emphasized the trained cook and food consultant Reinhard-Karl Üblacker.

Snacks from fruit and vegetables According to the nutritionist, five meals a day are optimal for the human body. During working hours, the expert therefore advises on occasional snacks, "because without snacks, the blood sugar level drops quickly." The right snack in the office can help to maintain performance. According to the expert, a snack consisting of fruit and vegetables or other foods that are particularly nutritious and mineral-based should be taken between breakfast and lunch and between lunch and dinner. Nuts, muesli bars, cheese snacks or olives are also recommended as a healthy snack in between. However, other popular energy suppliers such as chocolate or cola are unsuitable as a snack in the office because of their high calorie count.

Five meals a day optimally With the two inserted meals between meals, people get an optimal way to be observed in everyday office life, a total of five meals a day, emphasized the Austrian nutrition expert Reinhard-Karl Üblacker. This is particularly important for performance and concentration, since not only physical work, but "a lot of energy is also used when thinking", continues.

The many smaller meals also have the advantage that they are easier to digest than large portions and thus reduce the risk of being overweight. Provided that the snacks are not too high in calories and fat and that the meals at lunch and dinner are also reasonable. (fp)

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