Distraction helps with the first signs of burnout

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Burnout: Counteract the first signs with distraction

Extreme exhaustion and the feeling of being burned out can be the first signs of burnout. Those affected should try to distract themselves with leisure activities such as sports, going to the cinema or meeting friends. However, if depression continues, experts strongly advise you to seek professional therapeutic help.

Drawing new energy against burnout with sports and social activities "When you feel burnt out, it helps to do sports, go to the cinema or the theater or talk to colleagues and friends about the topic," said Rainer Richter, President of the Federal Chamber of Psychotherapists (BptK). A conversation with the family doctor is also helpful. However, if the exhaustion persists for a long time, those affected should seek professional help, Richter advises. The first signs of burnout included depression, lack of concentration, chronic fatigue and an emotional distance from work. "The problem with burnout is that there are no specific symptoms like other mental illnesses," said the BptK president. Those affected would report many different complaints. “It is an exhaustion that makes you dissatisfied and hinders work. The person affected also feels that he cannot get out of it alone, turns his mind in a circle and is listless, ”says Richter. However, burnout is not a disease.

According to Richter, sufferers can be healed or recover from exhaustion. "A complete reduction in symptoms is possible," said the expert. In some cases, however, those affected are also advised to change jobs.

Burnout is becoming a problem for society as a whole Burnout is increasingly becoming a problem for society as a whole. The German Society for Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Neurology (DGPPN) discusses this problem in its current position paper. In a greeting to the professional society, Federal Minister of Labor Ursula von der Leyen demands that employers and unions fulfill their duty to counteract excessive demands at work. The health system is hardly able to absorb the social consequences of sick leave and early retirement from mental illness. (ag)

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