Blue light pulses against psoriasis

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Blue light pulses in psoriasis: Photochemical process is said to gently relieve symptoms

Suspicious looks, feelings of shame, a lack of self-confidence - the suffering of psoriasis is enormous. But that's not all: Whoever hits it, hits it forever. Because so-called psoriasis has so far been considered incurable. Tormenting itching, inflamed, reddened and painful skin areas all over the body and the embarrassing traces of rapid cell growth in the form of silvery scales - usually felt as the most unpleasant symptom - often make a carefree life impossible for those affected. With pulsed blue light therapy, however, the complaints can usually be effectively and sustainably managed without fear of harmful side effects.

"The laser-like light sets in motion a photochemical process that regulates the pathologically accelerated cell renewal and inflammation subsides," explains Dr. Marcella Kollmann-Hemmerich, specialist for dermatology at the light clinic Munich, the principle of action of the pulsed blue light therapy. In comparison to other standard therapies, the special light only hits the sick cells and protects the healthy tissue. Usually the complexion improves significantly after just one to three treatment cycles. The skin regains its balance, itching and desquamation decrease. "Many patients report that the positive effects of blue flashes of light last for many months or even years and that their quality of life improves significantly," says Dr. Kollmann-Hemmerich. No more lotion, no fear of cancer risk from UV radiation or the undesirable consequences of long-term cortisone use. More and more people affected are therefore opting for the new form of treatment as an alternative to conventional forms of therapy.

"Our experience shows that pulsed blue light therapy is particularly helpful for inflammatory and allergic skin diseases such as psoriasis, neurodermatitis and eczema," reports Dr. We also achieve good results with psoriasis pustulosa - a special form of psoriasis that is accompanied by pustules and painful tears on the hands and feet. ”Private and some statutory health insurance funds approve the treatment, especially in severe cases or if there is a contraindication to other conventional medical measures. Otherwise, a therapy unit costs around 180 euros. (pm)

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