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Pay attention to stationery made of unloaded wood

At the end of the holiday, parents have to buy new stationery for their schoolchildren again. But it is the writing utensils of all that are often contaminated with harmful substances. In the past, so-called special offers were particularly burdened in the past, as the Stiftung Warentest reports.

Children have stationery in their hands almost all day at school. But it is precisely those writing pads, pens and notebooks that are often contaminated with harmful substances. If special offers are accessed, the product must be examined closely, as Thomas Müller from the Warentest Foundation warned. Therefore, parents should not randomly access the bargain offers. Often there are numerous pollutants lurking in those offers, which can be toxic, as the expert explained.

Test stationery with all your senses For a test, it makes sense to "check the products with all your senses". The self-asked questions are: "Is it well processed? Is there an address of the provider on the packaging? Does the product smell repulsive? "

Special care should also be taken with colored pencils. The best thing to do is to use “natural wood without a colored varnish layer”, as Müller advises. For example, many paints contain prohibited plasticizers, as the Stiftung Warentest has already determined in some tests. In the case of erasers, it is important that they are free of PVC or made of natural rubber. "These erasers do not use the dangerous phthalate plasticizers".

Rulers should also rely on nature. “Flexible plastic rulers are chic. But healthier ones are those made from unpolluted wood. ”Another advantage:“ They also last longer. ”(Sb)

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