Headaches are often a stress condition

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According to researchers, headaches are often stress disorders

Research is increasingly understanding the backgrounds and causes of headaches. Doctors today know a lot more about what happens in the brain when the headache is plagued. Therefore, the pain can be treated in a more targeted and differentiated manner. With typical stress symptoms, relaxation procedures should be prescribed rather than medication.

As the magazine "Focus" reports in its new editions, the view of the number one widespread disease in Germany has changed fundamentally as far as possible. Headaches and migraines are also increasingly being defined as stress disorders. Instead of prescribing pain-relieving medication, conventional medicine has come to the conclusion that targeted relaxation exercises such as yoga or progressive muscle relaxation achieve better results for permanent relief in the case of continuous psychological stress.

Over half of Germans suffer from headaches According to the German Headache Consortium, over 50 percent of Germans suffer from recurrent headaches. Patients are often of the opinion that the symptoms are caused by environmental influences or the weather. The head of the headache outpatient clinic at the University Hospital Munich-Großhadern, Prof. Dr. Andreas Straube considers this view to be "in vain". The headache expert told the news magazine: "The individual triggers are overrated, because headaches are a kind of stress illness." In areas with foehn wind (dry fall wind) there are no more sufferers of headache than in flat land or at the sea, as evaluations showed.

Over-irritation of the nerves and brain This view is shared by the recognized headache researcher Dr. Hans-Christoph Diener. He said in “Focus”: "Only alcohol and female hormones have been clearly proven by trials as migraine triggers." Most patients typically experience headaches because their nerves and brain are overworked, the doctor said.

Doctors divide the symptoms into different types of symptoms. These different types are, for example, cluster headaches, migraines or tension headaches. The neurologist Dr. Hartmut Göbel explained that about 50 percent "of migraine sufferers also suffer from tension headaches".

Poor switch-off and high voltage According to the medical textbook, doctors are often unable to clearly assign the symptoms to a clinical picture. Research has shown that patients with migraines are usually awake and sensitive in an unusual way. The specialist Göbel told the newspaper: "Your brain cannot switch off so well, is always under high voltage and is easily overloaded when stressed." These hypersensitivities can now also be demonstrated by doctors using electroencephalography (EEG).

Numerous treatment options come into play in naturopathy. In addition to relaxation exercises, dietary changes in the form of fasting and permanent vegetables are recommended. Because chronic headaches are often caused by pelvic misalignments and tension, manual therapies are also used in osteopathy. (sb)

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