Use the opened coffee pack quickly

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Use the opened coffee pack within two weeks

Coffee is essential for many people. According to a survey by the coffee company “Starbucks”, even 57 percent of those questioned would prefer not to have sex for a week than to coffee. With milk or pure, strong or mild - there is a hot drink for every coffee lover. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when storing coffee, because opened packages should not be kept for too long.

Opened coffee pack Keep cool and dark As the German Coffee Association reports in Hamburg, it is advisable to use the coffee best within two weeks. Opened packs would quickly lose their actual aroma and assume other undesirable aromas. A 250-gram pack would be used up by a four-person household within a week, explains Klaus Langen of the Deutsche Röstergilde. The expert advises consumers that the smell of coffee could be used as a guide. "If the coffee smells musty, the aroma is gone. Then it is high time to use up the package. "

In general, coffee should be protected from light, humidity and oxygen, reports Langen. A can with a swing top is best for this. It is also advisable to keep the coffee in a cool place. "You can put it in the fridge if it's too warm in the kitchen," the expert recommends.

Coffee is healthy
Many people assume that coffee harms health. But the opposite is the case. The Swedish Karolinksa Institute recently found that regular coffee consumption reduces the risk of stroke by 25 percent. The scientists believe that "coffee reduces oxidative stress and improves insulin sensitivity".

The “Coffee Day” will take place for the seventh time on September 28th. Coffee lovers and those interested can find out all about their favorite drink nationwide on this day. "Numerous companies throughout Germany are taking part in small and large campaigns related to the brown bean," said the German Coffee Association. (ag)

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