Hamburg doctors protest against health insurance companies

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Doctors protest against the behavior of the health insurance companies

In Hamburg, doctors, psychotherapists and practice staff protested again yesterday at the Congress Center Hamburg (CCH) against the action of the health insurance company. They demanded an adjustment to the performance remuneration. If the health insurance companies stick to their blockade, nationwide protest measures - including closings of the practice - are planned, according to the statement of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KV) Hamburg.

Around 1,700 doctors gathered at the CCH yesterday and overwhelmingly passed a resolution criticizing the blockade and delayed tactics of the health insurance companies. The spokesman for the advisory specialist committee for medical care at KV Hamburg, Dr. Dirk Heinrich explained: “We are being struck by the health insurance companies and what do we do? We continue to work. ”The doctors no longer want to put up with this and therefore demand a return to the remuneration conditions of 2008, support for primary care and specialist medical care and compensation for the above-average increase in costs in Hamburg. So far, “the health insurance companies have still not put an offer on the table. They simply refuse to do their job and secure the financing of care, ”criticized Dr. Michael Späth, spokesman for the representative assembly of KV Hamburg.

Hamburg medical community fights against disadvantage After the medical community and health insurers at the federal level had agreed on a compromise regarding the increase in medical fees for months after months of controversy, the conflict in Hamburg is boiling again. The Hamburg doctors insist on additional fee increases because the costs for the medical profession have increased in Hamburg in particular. "The costs for the practices alone have increased by eleven percent in the past few years," explained the CEO of KV Hamburg, Dieter Bollmann. This increase had also been determined by the Federal Statistical Office. In this way, the basic care of Hamburg patients with the currently pledged funds could can no longer be guaranteed, especially since the number of treatment cases in Hamburg has increased disproportionately. "The doctors are no longer willing to accept the disadvantage of Hamburg," added Dr. Michael Späth

Health insurance companies: Excessive demands from Hamburg doctors The health insurance companies, on the other hand, rate the demands of the Hamburg medical profession as completely excessive. Kathrin Herbst, head of the state representation of the Vdek cash association, explained that KV Hamburg had asked for increases in the regional negotiation round of "well over 70 million euros" - "three times what Hamburg would have to do according to the agreement at the federal level." In the opinion of the health insurance companies an unsustainable position. "We lack any understanding for such excessive claims, for which only the insured should pay with their contributions," emphasized Kathrin Herbst. Matthias Mohrmann, board member of the AOK Rheinland / Hamburg, also spoke of a "disproportionate claim in the double-digit percentage range."

Medical profession demands compensation for increased burdens The Hamburg doctors, on the other hand, assess their demands as completely realistic and justified by the additional costs actually incurred. For example, the burden on medical professionals has increased significantly due to increased nursing care in homes and many home visits, without this being sufficiently rewarded. "In addition, it cannot be that the doctors remain on the costs of psychotherapy services they have taken on in recent years," said Dr. Late According to him, doctors have already supported psychotherapy with around 40 million euros - an amount that health insurance companies now want to withhold. In addition, there are no compensation payments to the Hamburg doctors for patients who come from the surrounding area - which is the case for around every third patient. Due to the unsatisfactory situation, doctors would increasingly abandon their practices in urban areas or sell them to medical care centers.

Further protests and closings of practice The CEO of KV Hamburg, Dieter Bollmann, said: "The doctors demand respect for their performance." Here promises by politicians, health insurance companies and also the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians to the Hamburg medical community were not kept. For this reason, KV Hamburg also sued its own federal association before the Berlin Social Court, although the chances of legal success are relatively good, according to Bollmann. Michael Späth emphasized that an offer from the health insurance companies is expected by November 21 and the negotiations are otherwise declared to have failed. Then further protests against statutory health insurance and practice closures are possible options. The doctors emphasized several times that their protests are not directed against the patients and that their emergency care is always guaranteed. (fp)

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