Fever in babies: from 38 degrees to the doctor

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Babies with a 38 degree fever should see a doctor immediately

Fever is more common in young children and does not necessarily indicate a serious illness. However, should a physician be urgently consulted above a body temperature of 38 degrees Celsius, the professional association of pediatricians (BVKJ) warns in a current press release.

In the case of fever, infants under the age of three months are generally required to exercise greater caution, even if there is not necessarily a serious health threat behind every increase in body temperature, reports the BVKJ. If babies have a fever of 38 degrees Celsius or more, this should definitely be a reason for the parents to visit the doctor with their children, BVKJ continues.

The baby's immune system is unable to fight off infections. The most common cause of fever in infants under the age of three months is an infection. Because "at this age the immune system is not yet properly developed and can hardly ward off infections", there is definitely a considerable health risk here, explained the press spokeswoman for the professional association of pediatricians in Thuringia, Dr. Monika Niehaus. The pediatrician from Weimar therefore advises an early visit to the doctor. According to Niehaus, the following applies here: "The younger the baby, the more it makes sense to go to the doctor." Parents should "go to the doctor" better once than too much than once too late.

Fever an indication of possible infections According to the professional association of pediatricians, the best way to measure body temperature in babies is rectally (in the buttocks). The experts also recommend that parents measure the child's body temperature in their healthy child so that the level of the fever can be better assessed in an emergency. According to the experts, normal children's body temperatures are between 36.5 degrees Celsius and 37.5 degrees Celsius. Although temperature increases are a relatively reliable indicator of illnesses in the child, "parents should not rely on fever as a warning signal," reports the BVKJ. Because the health problems of the little ones are not always accompanied by an increased body temperature. A pediatrician should therefore, according to Dr. Never be seen if the baby looks restless, limp and listless, cannot be fed, breathes hard, develops a rash or has to vomit with or without diarrhea.

Overheating as a cause of fever According to the BVKJ, the increased body temperature can be caused not only by illnesses but also by overheating of the child. If, for example, babies are dressed too warm, their organism dries out (dehydration) and is no longer able to regulate the temperature as required, which also manifests itself as a fever. (fp)

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