Health hazard through lifestyle means

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Lifestyle drugs threaten dependency and damage to health

Countless over-the-counter lifestyle drugs are offered on the Internet. Whether thick legs, rolls of bacon or folds, there seems to be the right antidote for every problem. Often, however, the agents contain ingredients that are otherwise harmless. Addiction and other undesirable side effects threaten consumers.

Beware of lifestyle drugs Many of the over-the-counter lifestyle drugs offered on the Internet are harmless. However, if the medicines work very quickly or have side effects, should a doctor be consulted or a pharmacist consulted, recommends Erika Fink, President of the State Chamber of Hesse. Because then it would be reasonable to assume that the agent contains active ingredients that fall under the prescription requirement. Taking such drugs without medical advice can cause serious health damage.

Most lifestyle drugs contain proteins, vitamins, minerals, isolated amino acids, caffeine or guarana. According to the expert, these components are harmless. Illegal slimming pills, against which the German authorities warned several times last year, often contain substances such as the prohibited sibutramine, which can cause acute heart problems. Stumbling, racing heart and even a heart attack can be the result. In combination with psychotropic drugs, the interactions can also lead to death. The pills are sold under names such as "Super-Slim", "Fat Napalm Bomb" or "Japan Hokkaido - Pill for weight reduction". The authorities strongly advise against purchasing such slimming products.

Order lifestyle medication only from certified internet pharmacies. Fink says that medication to improve performance is also problematic. Similar to slimming pills, these could lead to dependency or trigger exhaustion with circulatory failure. Happiness pills based on psychotropic drugs can lead to personality changes and nerve damage. Another large market is anti-aging agents, which are said to have a rejuvenating effect. According to Fink, some of these supplements contain hormones that may pose a cancer risk.

According to Fink, when ordering lifestyle medicines online, it is important to ensure that the provider is a certified internet pharmacy with the seal of the German Institute for Medical Documentation and Information (DIMDI). In addition, the reference to an on-site pharmacy is mandatory in the imprint. Prescription drugs are generally not allowed to be sold without a prescription.

The anonymity of the Internet makes it an ideal sales platform for providers of illegal medicines. Legislation reaches its limits because many of the dubious companies are located abroad or are simply not identifiable. In addition, the names of the funds change to make consumers believe that it is a different, harmless product. For example, in the case of illegal slimming pills, promises such as “100 percent natural ingredients” are often made on the packaging, although pure chemistry is included. (ag)

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