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Client policy in the sense of the private health insurance: Left criticizes emergency tariff and draft law

Is the Federal Ministry of Health not concerned with the help of debtors in private health insurance through the creation of an emergency tariff? The party's left-wing politician and health policy spokeswoman, Martina Bunge, claims: "This bill is not about the interests of the privately insured, but about the private insurers". According to the expert, the federal government wants to actually abolish compulsory insurance.

Hundreds of thousands of privately insured persons and once again as many voluntarily insured persons can no longer pay for their health insurance. The PKV alone has an open mountain of debt of over 500 million euros. The GKV even speaks of around 1.4 billion euros. A reason for politics to take action.

Two days ago we reported that the Federal Ministry of Health has prepared a bill. This shows that a so-called "emergency tariff" is to be introduced for delinquent payers of private health insurance. The mini tariff should not cost the insured person more than 100 euros per month. The ministry said that this project was intended to "prevent the debtors' debtors from progressing."

Left: Help is given to private health insurance But the left-wing politician sees it completely differently: “And to help private health insurance again, black and yellow effectively abolishes the obligation to provide adequate health insurance. Who knows, maybe the draft came from the private health insurance company itself - black and yellow like to use its wording, as was the case recently with a paper on citizens' insurance, "laughs Bunge at the so-called private health insurance tariff.

The health policy spokeswoman said that the PKV assumes an emergency tariff of 100 euros. The smallest contribution, which self-employed persons make as voluntarily insured in the statutory health insurance, is just under 200 euros. And that “even though they only receive emergency benefits in the event of premium arrears,” says Bunge. That shows, for which "insured persons the heart of the black and yellow federal government beats." This is to create a means of pressure to ultimately decide for the private health insurance. "This clientele policy is bold."

Demand for citizens' insurance Instead of "abolishing the obligation to insure in order to strengthen the private health insurance", in the opinion of the left the "private health insurance should be abolished in favor of solidary citizens insurance". The treatment of insured patients as "insured second class" would stop there. In addition, adequate health care is “the minimum subsistence level, which must not be touched even if there is a deficit in contributions”. In the private sector, one speaks instead of a "envy debate" without going into the content of the allegations. (sb)

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