Worldwide day of protest against the cannabis ban

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Global Marijuana March against cannabis ban

On Saturday, May 4th, people are demonstrating in more than 500 cities worldwide for the legalization of cannabis. The idea of ​​the Global Marijuana March was developed in the USA in 1999 and has since spread around the world. After only Berlin and Frankfurt took part in campaigns on the first Saturday in May in Germany in recent years, a big movement has also developed this year thanks to the networking of the German Hemp Association. This year groups in eleven cities are participating to express their opposition to the existing repression against hemp users: Berlin, Hamburg, Potsdam, Hanover, Cologne, Dortmund, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Erlangen, Munich and Ulm.

"The ban on cannabis harms not only hemp users but also society as a whole. The costs of repression and persecution are at the expense of all taxpayers, and at the same time there is a huge black market for cannabis products that operates without taxation and state control," the organizers write in Germany. "Through this black market, cannabis products are also accessible to young people who could be excluded in a state-regulated shop." There are "many rational arguments for a new, more modern drug policy". Many drug and addiction experts are also increasingly open to prohibition. In two U.S. states, the people have already voted to fully legalize cannabis through a referendum. Thousands of citizens are expected to take part in the protests. (pm, sb)

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