From 10 degrees there is a risk of ticks

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Ticks become active again when the temperature rises

Ticks do not like cold, but as soon as the temperature rises to more than 10 degrees, the small arachnids are active again. Since ticks can transmit diseases such as early summer meningoencephalitis (TBE) and borreliosis, it is important to provide adequate protection outdoors and to check for ticks after a walk.

Every fifth tick can transmit Borrelia bacteria The risk of infection from a tick bite should not be underestimated: Experts assume that around every fifth tick can transmit Borrelia bacteria - at the beginning of the year, to get more specific data, this became nationwide Registration requirement for doctors introduced. Since then, more and more cases have been added every day. According to an article on, 18 people with suspicions of Lyme disease have already been registered in Nuremberg alone since April: "We are amazed at how many cases are already occurring" Dr. Alice Schaffer from the Nuremberg Health Department told A nationwide trend can already be seen, because while early summer meningoencephalitis is transmitted by ticks in southern Germany in particular, Borrelia is widespread throughout Germany, the expert continues.

Ensure adequate protection outdoors.Accordingly, experts always recommend dressing appropriately, especially on walks in the forest, on the edge of the forest or on meadows with tall grass, i.e. instead of sandals or barefoot, prefer long trousers, long sleeves and closed shoes to grasp - because this makes it difficult for a tick to find a suitable skin site for a blood meal, according to the information from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) in Berlin. In addition, according to the RKI, it makes sense to put the trouser legs in the socks, because “the tick is forced to run up on the clothing, which makes it easier to find it”.

Thorough search after every stay in nature is important. Alice Schaffer to search thoroughly after each stay in nature - according to the RKI, it should be noted that the animals would prefer "stitches such as hairline, ears, neck, armpits, elbow, navel, genital area or back of the knee". So you should take a close look here and as soon as an animal is discovered, it should be removed immediately - ideally with the help of tweezers or a so-called “tick card”: “Anyone who detects a tick on Saturday should not wait until Monday because he has it just want to have it removed by the doctor, ”says Dr. Alice Schaffer, because while the transmission at TBE takes place immediately, it would take a few hours for Borrelia - so in an emergency the fingernails are also allowed as a "tool".

“Blushing” indicates infection with Borrelia With regard to a possible infection with Borreliosis, there would be Schaffer some signs: If there is a red spot around the puncture site with a diameter of five centimeters or more, which is a little lighter in the middle, this could be the so-called wandering blush - which in turn is a first sign of an infection with Borrelia as the expert explains. In this case, a doctor should be consulted immediately, because if Lyme disease is discovered quickly, it can be treated well with antibiotics. According to the doctor, it would be more difficult if the infection remained undetected for a long time, because months or even years later, so-called "neuroborreliosis" with symptoms such as muscle pain or body aches could also occur. (No)

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