Alcohol extends survival in breast cancer

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Alcohol extends survival in breast cancer

Alcohol in breast cancer: For a long time the motto was that alcohol is rather unfavorable for breast tumors and can even promote their development. A recent study sheds new light on this thesis.

A glass of wine seems to have a positive effect on the life of those affected. But the same applies here: the “dose” is important The analysis of the Collaborate Breast Cancer Study (CBCS), a large US cohort study with over 23,000 breast cancer patients, comes to the conclusion that women with breast cancer who drink moderate to moderate alcohol live longer.

The lowest mortality rate was found in women who consumed 30 to 60 g of alcohol a week, after which it rose again slightly. Nevertheless, the scientists should not be tempted to recommend cancer patients because of other risks because of other risks. They also point out that the situation could be different for estrogen receptor positive and negative tumors. (pm)

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