Burn calories with aqua training

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Burn calories: Aqua training is also suitable for overweight people

According to the Federal Association of Self-Employed Physiotherapists (IFK), Aqua-Training also offers overweight women and men the opportunity to exercise appropriately without putting excessive strain on the joints and the cardiovascular system. The body burns even more calories than with other endurance training.

High calorie and energy consumption through aqua training
For people who are overweight (obesity), sport is usually a torture. Because a high body weight quickly leads to a high and too high load on the joints. The cardiovascular system of obese people is also overworked by endurance sports such as jogging. A good alternative is aqua training, as the Federal Association of Independent Physiotherapists (IFK) informs. Not only is the entire body trained, the calories also drop. This sport is particularly suitable for overweight people because it protects the heart and joints. "The water resistance ensures high energy consumption, while the movements are gentle on the heart and joints," explains Ute Repschläger from the IFK. "A lot of energy is consumed because the water resistance is trained in all directions." The blood vessels in the water would be given more blood because they would then be exposed to higher pressure. This will strengthen the cardiovascular system, explains the expert.

As the IFK informs, aqua training is also more effective than other endurance sports. The reason is the thermal conductivity in the water, which boosts calorie consumption. The body consumes about 400 calories in 30 minutes because it has to increase its metabolism against cooling at a water temperature of 28 and 31 degrees. By comparison, when jogging, the body only consumes about 300 calories.

Aqua training motivates overweight people to join in. Aqua training can use various “training devices”. These include, for example, aqua noodles, swimming boards, buoyancy belts, aqua jogging gloves, dumbbells and trampolines. Music is also often used. This creates a good mood and motivates the participants. Overweight people in particular find it difficult in sports clubs and gyms and often shy away from doing sports regularly due to the excess kilos. In aqua training, you will find like-minded people in the courses, so that they develop fun and are regularly active. (ag)

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