Legionella in Seehalle: showers blocked

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Showers in the Seehalle in Pfuhl contaminated with Legionella

Detection of legionella in the Seehalle in Pfuhl (Neu-Ulm). According to a message from the city of Neu-Ulm, the showers in the Seehalle in the Pfuhl district were closed after an increased legionella concentration in the water was found during a routine examination on Tuesday. According to the official information, the "concentration was 2,400 CFU (colony-forming unit) per 100 milliliters", which means that significantly less Legionella was found in the shower water than "the usual value for a shower ban of 10,000 CFU per 100 milliliters." the city decided to block showers in indoor and outdoor sports for security reasons.

Although the legionella concentrations are currently only moderately increased, "especially because of the currently high temperatures and the fact that many of the showers remain unused during the holidays, a hazard cannot be ruled out if the showers are used later," reports the city of Neu- Ulm. Now, in cooperation with a specialist company, it should first be checked which measures are required to get the legionella problem under control. So far, the city has assumed that the shower ban can be lifted in around three weeks.

Routine examinations revealed increased Legionella concentration in the showers According to the city, the routine examinations regularly check the water in the Seehalle and 23 other urban objects with water systems for Legionella. Three of the buildings "would be considered problematic due to their structural circumstances." These are the Seehalle in Pfuhl, the Iselhalle in Burlafingen and the community hall in Ludwigsfeld. The current water samples from the Iselhalle and the community hall were not critical, according to the city. As the “Südwest Presse” reports, non-urban buildings in Neu-Ulm are also affected by the legionella problem. The residents of the Neu-Ulm Danube Center have not been allowed to take a shower because of Legionella for over eight months, writes the "Südwest Presse".

Risk of legionellosis Legionella are rod-shaped bacteria living in water that cause so-called legionellosis (also legionnaires' disease) in humans. This illness, which is often characterized by severe pneumonia in the later course, usually initially manifests itself with rather unspecific complaints such as fever, chills, muscle pain (often as chest pain) and persistent irritable cough. General breathing difficulties, headache, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting can also be part of the symptoms. Since the pathogens can penetrate deep into the respiratory tract as aerosols (tiny droplets in the air), contamination of the shower water is considered to be particularly dangerous. (fp)

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