Coronavirus detected in bats

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Bats as possible carriers of the coronavirus?

The corona virus has now killed almost 50 people. The virus is particularly common in the Middle East. Scientists from a US Saudi Arabian research team have now identified bats as a possible transmission path. In an article for the "Emerging Infectious" magazine, you stated that you discovered the virus in bat droppings.

The virus is a genus of viruses that belongs to the Coronaviridae family. It causes various diseases in mammals, rodents and birds. In humans, the genus of the human coronavirus species is particularly known as a trigger for infections and severe respiratory diseases.

A 100% agreement with the human-discovered coronavirus MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) was found, the researchers report of their study results. Ian Lipkin of Columbia University in New York said, "There have been several announcements that MERS-like viruses have been found in animals." However, no genetic match was found in any case. The bat that carried the virus was now found near the infection site in Saudi Arabia. However, there is no clear indication that bats generally transmit the virus to humans. The virus was first identified in September 2012 in people with severe respiratory infections. Similarities to the respiratory illness "SARS" discovered ten years ago in Asia were also found. A total of 96 people were diagnosed with MERS. The infection resulted in death in 47 people. (fr)

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