Bavaria is the leader in fungal poisoning

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In Bavaria, most fungal poisonings occur in a nationwide comparison by the health insurance company DAK

Most fungal poisonings were reported in Bavaria last year. This resulted in a statistical evaluation by the health insurance company DAK-Gesundheit. According to this, 43 percent of the patients with severe fungal intoxication who had to be hospitalized came from Bavaria. Baden-Württemberg takes second place with 17 percent of those affected nationwide.

To prevent fungal poisoning Do not eat mushrooms with the slightest uncertainty. Although the number of fungal poisonings fell by around a quarter on average, it rose by 13 percent in Bavaria. "We assume that there is a large population group in Bavaria that traditionally likes to pick mushrooms," explains Claus Uebel from the DAK to the news agency "dpa". "Because of the forest areas, there are more opportunities to find mushrooms than in other federal states."

DAK doctor Elisabeth Thomas generally advises caution when collecting mushrooms. "The better the mushroom season, the more poisoning there is," explains the expert. "Therefore be careful when searching." Even with the slightest uncertainty, mushroom fans should rather refrain from eating the mushroom. You could also go to an advice center and find out more. Anyone who only obtained information about mushrooms in books or on the Internet did not have sufficient knowledge to distinguish edible from poisonous mushrooms on site. Experience counts. "Many edible mushrooms have dangerous doppelgangers," says Thomas. As an example, the expert mentions the toxic tuber agaric, which looks like a harmless mushroom.

A high number of fungal poisonings in Bavaria is also confirmed by the Poison Control Center
The evaluation of the Munich Poison Control Center also supports the results of the DAK investigation. Almost 280 fungal poisonings were reported here by telephone, an increase of almost 130 percent compared to the previous year. Florian Eyer from the clinical toxology department at the Klinik der der Isar sees, among other things, a new generation of collectors as the cause of the significant increase in fungal poisoning. "It is a trend that completely mushroom-insensitive people are on the go to collect and then check at home on the Internet whether the mushrooms are edible," the expert told the news agency.

Call an emergency doctor at the first signs of fungal poisoning. The first signs of fungal poisoning include nausea, diarrhea or abdominal pain as the DAK informs. If such symptoms appeared after a mushroom meal, the emergency doctor should be called immediately. "Never take medication yourself," explains Thomas. "Stay calm, drink a lot, preferably water, and bring the person concerned to a stable side position if they are unconscious." It also makes sense to pick up the remains of fungi - if possible - and show them to the doctor. (ag)

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